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Sharbat Zoofa Sada is an Unani herbal medication which is useful in bronchial asthma and phlegmatic cough.Syrup is a thick liquid preparation made by solution of sugar and water, Joshanda (Decoction), Khesanda (Infusion), Luab (Mucilage) or Sheera (dry seed or dry fruit ground with water). To make syrup, first make a Decoction, Infusion, and water extract of either dry fruits or herbs or seeds etc. (or other liquid base) and settle off any sediment. Place in a stainless steel pan and heat (there will be some scamming, which can be taken off as it cools). Prepare Qiwam (Basic Solution of Particular consistency). Cool and store for later use.


10 ml mixed with warm water as and when required.

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200 ML, 500 ML


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