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Osteoporosis, which means porous bones, causes bones to become weak and brittle so brittle that even mild stresses like bending over, lifting a vacuum cleaner or coughing can cause a fracture. In most cases, bones weaken when you have low levels of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals in your bones. Normally, there is loss of bone mass with aging, perhaps 0.7% per year in adults. However, bone loss is greater in women past menopause (2-5% per year for five years) than in men of the same age. Menopause is the most predictable medical cause of osteoporosis in women due to a decrease in estrogen levels. It is most common in white women after menopause and affects more women than heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer and arthritis. 50% of women between the ages of 45 and 75 suffer from some osteoporosis; 30% of these suffer from serious bone deterioration.

Osto Cal is a unique complex herbal formula that helps support bone metabolism and maintain bone density. It helps to slow bone loss and reduce the incidence of fractures. Osto Cal being a natural source of calcium, eliminates the risk of abnormally high calcium levels in blood, thereby helps in preventing formation of calcium stones in the urinary tract. The presence of hydrogenates helps in modulating the synthesis and utilization of various hormones to restore the hormonal balance without any side effects.


Postmenopausal osteoporosis, senile osteoporosis in males and females, post pregnancy osteoporosis, drug induced osteoporosis, general skeletal health and bone fractures

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