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Jawarish Kamuni Kabir is an Unani medicine which boosts the activity of our stomach as well as our intestine. People suffering from gastrointestinal problems are most impacted on, by Jawarish Kamuni. It is extremely important to undertake a healthy diet plan while consuming Jawarish Kamuni. As our body depends on the food we eat, it is better to feed your belly with some light and healthy meals. After the treatment, the body becomes more stable and works in a better way. Jawarish Kamuni is said to relieve pain in our stomach and also provide relief from the intestinal functions, which are caused due to flatulence. It also improves our digestion. Treats constipation problems. It helps to Stop Bleeding, Treats the problem of bloating and flaulence, Treats Constipation. Reduces Heartburn, Elevates nausea. Useful in case of vomiting. Reduces abdominal pain. Strengthen heart muscles. Relieves anal pain. Ease in passing stool.Treats Gas problems.


5–10 grams to be taken after both meals.

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250gm, 125gm


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