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Jawarish Bisbasa, the name is due to its chief ingredient Bisbasa (Myristica fragrans fruit coat). The compound drug Jawarish-e-Bisbasa is a polyherbal Unani formulation. It is used in the ailments of general weakness of the stomach, flatulence of the stomach, indigestion, piles and nausea etc. Jawarish-e-Bisbasa is one of the polyherbal Unani compound formulations available in semisolid form in the market. The herbal formulation is being prescribed by Unani Physician for the treatment of weakness of the stomach, flatulence in the stomach, indigestion, blind piles and nausea. Gives strength to Stomach, Flatulence and Indigestion. Blind piles and Nausea.


Take 5 gram twice a day with water.

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250gm, 125gm


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