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Halwa Supari Pak is an Unani tonic for both women and men, which acts on the reproductive system and helps in the management of both men’s and women’s health conditions. The main action of Halwa Supari Pak is observed on the excess secretions due to its astringent action, so it helps to treat leucorrhoea in women and spermatorrhea in men. In addition to this, it is also a nutritive tonic and provides strength to the uterus. Nowadays, it is famous formulation used for the maintenance of the women’s health. Increasing the retentive power of the uterus. Removes debility after child birth. Useful in Leucorrhoea and backache. Increases retention power in males.


To be taken 25 gram in the morning with 250 ml milk or advised by the physician.



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Weight250 g



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